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NASA Hires A Priest to Help Prepare Humans For Aliens
By on December 28th, 2021. News

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Nasa has sought the help of Rev Dr Andrew Davison, a British priest, to determine how different religions around the world would react to news of extraterrestrial life. 24 theologians are part of the project.

NASA has hired a priest to prepare human beings for alien encounters.


According to a report in The Mirror, Rev Dr Andrew Davison, a British priest and theologist, said the prospect for finding life on another planet is becoming ever more real.


The reverend, who is a theologian at Cambridge University and has a degree in Biochemistry, has been working with NASA.

He is also set to release his book next year.


“He was one of 24 religious experts who took part in the in a NASA-sponsored programme at the Centre for Theological Inquiry at Princeton University in New Jersey to assess how religions would react to news that life exists on worlds beyond our own,” the report said.


In his book Astrobiology and Christian Doctrine, Dr Andrew asks the questions: Is there life anywhere else in the universe? Will the discovery of new life outside earth change the origin theories found in all religions? How will the discovery affect the belief system of religious people across the world?


According to Technotrenz, NASA is enlisting the help of 24 theologians as part of a plan to determine how different religions around the world would react to news of extraterrestrial life.


“Consider the implicаtions of аpplying the tools of lаte twentieth аnd eаrly twenty-first-century science to questions thаt hаd been considered in religious trаditions for hundreds or thousаnds of yeаrs,” sаid Cаrl Pilcher, former heаd of NASA’s Astrobiology Institute.


NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, built to give the world its first glimpse of the universe as it existed when the earliest galaxies formed, was launched by rocket yesterday.


NASA Administrator Bill Nelson, striking a spiritual tone as he addressed the launch webcast by video link, quoted the Bible and hailed the new telescope as a “time machine” that will “capture the light from the very beginning of the creation.”

Webb’s instruments make it ideal to search for evidence of potentially life-supporting atmospheres around scores of newly documented exoplanets – celestial bodies orbiting distant stars – and to observe worlds much closer to home, such as Mars and Saturn’s icy moon Titan.







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